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Let us get involved with your neighborhood.

Below are a few of our community-focused programs to reward our children, encourage our students and give something back to the organizations in our neighborhood.

ScooperStar Rewards Scooper Star Rewards
Schools and other youth-focused organizations use this program as a simple and delicious way to reward their kids. Colorful award certificates include a detachable coupon for a free kid's cone. These rewards are used to recognize children for academic achievement, outstanding attendance, extracurricular excellence and more.
Reading Rewards Reading Rewards
This program gives special coupon certificates and bookmarks to schools, libraries and other organizations that support youth reading initiatives. Coupons for a free kid's cone are a tasty way to reward children for outstanding reading achievement.
Ice Cream Social Fundraiser Ice Cream Social Fundraiser
Through this program, organizations raise money through ice cream social fundraisers at our local Baskin-Robbins stores.  We love to have guest scoopers, like teachers, coaches, athletes or celebrities. This is a great way to have fun and raise money at the same time!
Waffley Catering and Corporate Events
Are you having an office meeting, apartment or neighborhood social, pool party, birthday, customer event or special occasion?  Let us provide you with a fun and exciting dessert!  You can select from any of our 31 delectable Ice Cream flavors, sundaes, toppings of your choice or cakes along with all the spoons and napkins ready for your event.  Let Baskin-Robbins turn any event into something sweet with our delicious signature cakes, ice cream and treats.  

For more information regarding any of these great programs give us a call or stop by either location.  

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